In case of power outage

Rechargeable high performance projector light

In order to meet the safety needs of permanent installations during electrical outages, for both commercial and industrial sectors, Flexlite offers a fully automated rechargeable lighting system, robust projecting a powerful beam without any shadow.

Designed for permanent installation where electric power is available, this wide or narrow beam system can be installed on walls or structures almost anywhere. In the event of an electrical failure, this emergency lighting system will activated itself automatically for a period of up to 6 hours. When the electrical service is restored, it automatically shot down and recharges.

Two beams size are available :a large beam of 45 degrees long-rnage or a 120 degrees beam of moderate range. This emergency lighting solution is designed to respond more specifically to the need of the commercial, industrial and construction installations when an electrical falure occurs.

It allows you to connect several lighting units to a single power source of 120 volts, 15A. This low-cost, robust and high-quality system allows you to permanetly install a back-up lighting system that ensures the safety of workers during power outages.


  • Powerful lighting system (short or long range)
  • Variable beam without shadow (45 or 120 degrees)
  • Autonomy : 6 hours
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Automatic activation
  • Wall bracket included
  • Portable folding and compact system
  • Permanent or temporary installation
  • Ideal for small space
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Can be integrated to any situation
  • Robust, dependable, industrial construction

Field application


  • Internal and external sites
  • Residential and commercial renovation projects
  • Temporary work space
  • Corridor


  • Assembly line
  • Mines sites
  • Temporary or permanent
  • Warehouse
  • Corridor


  • Warehouse
  • Service and repair area
  • Assembly line

Power source / connectivity

  • 110 ou 120 Volts
  • Rechargeable batteries Lithium-ion

Head lamp

  • Variable beam 3 755 or 1 000 lumens
  • Sealed casing :
    • Water resistant (IP64)
    • Shock / vibrations resistant (IK07)
  • Construction 100 % aluminium
  • Casing hosting all components
  • Switch : no delay
  • Minimal heat production
  • Batteries : Lithiums-ions
  • Automatic activation

LED light

LED (light emitting diodes) present multiple advantages;

  • No explosion risk or broken glass 
  • Minimale heat production
  • No ultraviolets or infrared rays emission
  • Excellent shock and vibrations resistance
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Very compact
  • Facilitate precision work

Specific information for each configuration

  • Batteries capcacity
    • 6 hours 
  • 4,25 x 22 x 4,75 (HxWxD) in
  • Batteries capacity
    • more than 3 hours 
  • 4,25 x 10 x 4,75 (HxWxD) in

Electronic components functions and characteristics

Internal charger (automatic)

110 ou 120 Volts

Mounting system
  • Universal wall mount

Usage by activity sectors

Industrial sector
  • Assembly line
  • Mines sites
  • Temporary or permanent warehouse
  • Confined work space
Construction sector
  • Internal and external sites
  • Residential and commercial renovation projects
  • Temporary or permanent warehouse
  • Confined work space
Commercial sector
  • Warehouse
  • Service and repair area
  • Assembly line
  • Confined work space

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