Public safety

Personnel efficiency and safety during emergency operation involving police, firefighters, medical personnel and emergency preparedness personnel is essential in order to ensure adequate public protection. Tailored incident command programming, a wireless camera network and on-site personnel geotracking capability, all very important elements in order to assist the incident commander to manage multidisciplinary interventions.

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This harness configuration aimed at freeing the hands

Batterie powered light integrated to a chest harness

For the outdoors or for work, our harness lamp is a must for your activities! …

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Wired or wireless camera with night vision capability

Remote controlled motorized camera fully configurable

This motorizez remote-controlled camera entirely configurable equipped with night vision capability, powerful optical and digital zooms enabling…

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1188 Lumens Headlamp for safety helmet

This powerful lighting device for safety helmets is considered to be the starting point of Flexlite lighting solution development program. For…

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Portable and rechargeable flood light 7,100 or 8,000 lumens

In order to meet construction, commercial or industrial sectors needs in terms of portability, autonomy and dependability, Flexlite presents a…

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Modular system & entirely configurable

Mini portable combined lighting and monitoring system

This cellular camera system (3G-LTE) is a fully integrated and autonomous security system ideal when a portable and efficient protection and …

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